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First Person Roulette – The Next Evolution In Casino Games?

First Person Roulette – The Next Evolution In Casino Games?

The live casino market can be a challenging one to master. Games must be familiar to long-term and serious players, while still offering a hook to help them stand out. It is equally important to create a user interface that is easy to follow and use, not to mention the need for experienced and professional live dealers to host the games. Many factors must be taken into consideration, in other words, and missing the mark with even just one or two of them can have dire consequences for the game.

Evolution Gaming is one of the industry’s most celebrated live casino developers. The company is committed to providing excellence in live gaming to online casino users. This includes releasing innovative titles that push the boundaries of the ‘live dealer’ genre. Its2018 launch First Person Roulette is a prime example of this. First Person Roulette might sound like a straightforward title, but the game has quite the twist up its sleeve.

In an industry where new and exciting features are constantly needed to keep players entertained, a “first-person” or “POV” approach was always going to make headlines. Is this some new fangled gizmo only suited for the cutting edge Korean “도박사이트” (gambling sites), or is it a sensible evolution for traditional casinos too?

First Person Roulette Game Information Table

Game Type Live Casino Game
Game Title First Person Roulette
Developer Evolution Gaming
RTP 97.3%
Paylines NA
Max Win 35x
Release Date 15.10.2018

Advantages of live dealer play

Online casinos have grown by leaps and bounds, and the industry shows no signs of slowing down. As more players enter the market in search of the perfect player experience, the rush to create top-qualitygames have led to unprecedented competition. Live dealer casino titles help developers stand out from the crowd by offering players a taste of the authentic land-based casino experience.

Evolution Gaming is well known for itshigh-quality live dealer games. First Person Roulette is no exception. Players can work with live dealers in real time as they progress through the game. They do not have to, however, and this is where the game’s twist comes in. We explore this further below!

How to play First Person Roulette

Our readers want to know how to play First Person Roulette, and we are happy to break down the title’s features! The live dealer title offers players an RTP of 97.3% and an impressive bet range from $1 to $5,000. The game is perfect for casual players and serious users alike, though its maximum win is not necessarily the most impressive at 35x. First Person Roulette is outstanding in all other ways, so the somewhat lackluster max win potential is easy to overlook.

First Person Roulette is a classic single-zero game and offers a real-time chip stack that automatically matches players’ available balance. This ease of use is only further enhanced by the game’s polished graphics, including the realistic wheel that truly allows players to immerse themselves in the gameplay. The game boasts a 37-pocket wheel with just one green zero as well as a host of bet options:

  • Inside bets
  • Outside bets
  • Neighbor bets
  • French bets

When playing RNG mode, there are no time constraints on bet times. Players are free to carefully consider their options before making a move, an option thatmakes First Person Roulette a good pick for beginners still adjusting to the game.

We are impressed by First Person Roulette’s ‘Go Live’ mechanic. The game has two modes. The first is an RNG option that allows users to play against a computer if the idea of live dealer action is overwhelming. The second is the game’s live mode. When players click the ‘Go Live’ button, they are instantly transferred to Evolution’s live roulette portal to connect with other players and try their hand at real-time action. Players can switch between the RNG and live modes without having to exit out of the game entirely to restart it.

First Person Roulette tips

While the game is rather straightforward, there are still some First Person Roulette tips that can help players as they get started.

First, players should remember that they can swap game modes at will. If the RNG mode becomes tedious or vice versa, the alternative mode is just a button click away. Note that the live mode is an actual live game – none of it is recorded. You will be playing against other players and interacting with an experienced dealer. The RNG mode, on the other hand, has no live elements and is a good choice for relaxed play.

Another useful tip is to pay close attention to the detailed interface to make use of the cold and hot number tracking and multiple spin modes. The game can seem deceptively simple at first glance, but users can find a wealth of information within the screen if they take the time to look.

Finally, keep in mind that First Person Roulette does not feature any surprising game twists aside from the live mode option. Thismeans that some basic knowledge about roulette and its betting systems can go a long way towards demystifying the gameplay and allowing players to make informed bets. Taking the time to research roulette can make picking worthwhile bets easier.

Responsible gaming

Online casino gaming can be a great way to relax and enjoy a variety of games after a long day. It is important that players set budget and time constraints before they begin to play. Many online casinos also offer users some form of responsible gaming tools. These can vary depending upon the operator, but the most common are spending and deposit limits as well as scheduled and forced time away from the website. Players should reach out to their online provider for more information.

First Person Roulette is yet another entertaining release from Evolution Gaming. We think that the title has plenty to offer, especially for fans of the variant. Outside of live mode, however, the gameplay is straightforward.